Shokz OpenComm

Earlier this summer I bought myself the Shokz OpenComm headset. I needed a headset that would let me hear my surroundings while still being able to let me hear speech clearly in all circumstances (I’m a volunteer in with Sjödärddningssällskapet and frequently find myself in nosiy environments)

AfterShokz OpenComm headset

After using them for a few months I am a very happy user. They sit comfortably on my ears, they let me hear my surroundings and most importantly - the let me hear all speech clearly, regardless of the surrounding noices.

Pepople I talk to does seem to hear me clearly so the noice cancelled boom microphone is working fine.

It is possible to setup multipoint pairing (two Bluetooth devices) but you need to follow a special procedure.

The battery last a long time and the magnetic charging connector is super stable - no worries if the cable is connected or not!